Episode 36 So you Want to make a CHANGE - what you need to know...

Sep 08, 2022

Today's quick video is all about the important thing to know when you want to make a change - Don't miss! ...

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Episode #35 Do this 5 Stretch Series to Soothe your Knees, Hips, Calves

Sep 01, 2022

Episode #35 5 Stretch Series to Soothe your Knees, Hips, Calves

This 5 stretch series for your lower body is easy to do for post exercise cool...

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Episode #34 Try this Trigger Point Stretch to relieve your Calf and Reduce Knee Pain

Aug 25, 2022

Try this tension release for your calf and you'll feel a new bounce in your step! 

I show you how to do a...

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Episode #33 How to use Trigger Point to soothe knee and back pain

Aug 18, 2022

How can a muscle in your butt effect your knees?

Discover how to use trigger point to release your piriformis muscle and reduce tension through...

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Episode #32 Part 2 of 2 Dr. Thorpe Interview Custom VS Off the Shelf Knee Replacements

Aug 11, 2022

I should have named this video the "parts & procedures" of a total knee replacement because Dr. Thorpe does such a good job of explaining what...

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Episode #31 Custom VS Off the Shelf Total Knee Replacement - Part 1 Interview with Dr. Thorpe

Aug 04, 2022


In Part 1, Custom VS Off the Shelf Total Knee Replacement, I share my conversation with Dr. Thorpe, a respected orthopedic surgeon and...

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Episode 30 - How to Make your Bike Seat more Comfortable

Jul 28, 2022

Does your bike seat give you a pain in the... ?  

It may not be the seat, but the way you are sitting on it.

Yes my friends, there is a...

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episode #29 Hip Bridges to reduce knee pain

Jul 21, 2022

Hip bridges are one of my favorite ways to strengthen your hips - which helps your knees.

In today's video I show you 6 basic ways to do the hip...

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Episode #28 5 Side Leg Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

Jul 14, 2022

Pain in your knee can be caused by muscle weakness or imbalances in your hips.

Watch the video here: 

Try any...

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Episode #27 The 3 Biggest Mistakes you can make with Total Knee Replacement and how to avoid them

Jul 07, 2022


Total Knee Replacement is no joke.

It is an invasive surgery and you need to be prepared - this video talks about the 3 biggest mistakes...

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