Week 5 Post-op Knee Replacement: When Good Enough is NOT

Dec 14, 2017

On the whole, every week it gets a little better.  In fact, this last week, there were times where I did not think about my knee AT ALL!  That is a huge step forward in the big scheme of recovery.

The danger that comes with feeling better is that you could settle for "good enough".  Less pain, an improved range of motion...makes it a little easier to back off (or forget all together) the physical therapy.  Don't do this!

Keep your eye on the target - BEST POSSIBLE function out of your new knee.  Yes, it continues to be work.  Yes, it continues to be uncomfortable.  Yes, the gains will be worth it.

Pre-surgery I was 0 degrees to 113 degrees...

This week I reached (with coercive help from my PT) 122 degrees!  My goal is 135, so not quite half-way there yet.  Yes, there is still pain/discomfort in bending that far - but that is part of the course.  My quads have not stretched this far for decades and so my muscles are sore - yours will be too - and it will all be worth it.

STICK WITH IT - get the most out of your knee, keep working at it.  You'll move better for the rest of your life if you work at it now!


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