Get the Save Your Knees Cheatsheet - 3 Essential Elements to alleviate knee pain that you can do now

Mar 06, 2020

People often ask me what is the most important thing they can do to relieve knee pain? 

Of course, the answer is dependent on your conditions. 

But as I got thinking and writing about it, I came up with the 3 Essential Elements you can do to save your knees. 

#1 GET STRONGER - muscle strength, balance, stretching 

Strengthening your knee is not just about your knee. It involves the whole kinetic chain starting at your feet on up to your core.. It is important to start with fundamental moves to build the foundation for proper movement. Some of your knee pain may be coming from a weak muscle or muscle imbalance. Strength train 2 days per week with at least a day rest in between. Start with body weight exercises and as you get stronger, use resistance bands or weights. Healthy Knees Strength book has a detailed training plan with a description of all exercises and the Save your Knees Cheatsheet has a list with what to do.

#2 MOVE MORE - there is a secret to the "right way"

Motion is Lotion! Moving your knee the right way is important to maintaining healthy function.  Achy knees with little activity can start to

feel like a rusty hinge.  Knees that have taken a pounding from sports can feel painfully abused.  We want you to get moving in a way that works the knee but doesn’t irritate it.  We recommend riding a bike which is no impact, not weight bearing, and has no lateral movement. Start with low resistance and a pedal speed of no slower than 60 RPM and no faster than 110 RPM. How you set up your bike is critical to knee comfort. For all the "how to" details, read the "Healthy Knees Cycling" book - or to get the list of the recommended activities, download the Save Your Knees Cheatsheet now! 

#3  BE CONSISTENT - how long to get results?

In order to get results, you’ve got to do the work consistently.  This is a fix that can last the rest of your life as long as you keep at it. It’s a little like brushing your teeth; you can’t save it up and you have to brush regularly to get the results.  Even just 2X per week strength and 2X per week cycling will start you feeling better. Breaking apart bad habits and re-learning foundational moves will help you to move easier. 

Taking care of your body is something that needs attention and respect on a consistent basis.  Learn more about this in the Save Your Knees Cheatsheet now!

All of this information will be featured in detail in my new book Healthy Knees Strength, coming soon. 

But if you don't want to wait, click here to download the Save Your Knees Cheatsheet right now with the basic moves for strength training, the recommendations for moving more, and the secrets to consistency (how often?  how long?) so that you can put it in action and start seeing a difference in just 2 weeks.


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