RIDE C2C L2 DAY 6 Greybull to Ten Sleep for 2 Sleeps

Aug 05, 2019

RIDE C2C L2 DAY 6 Greybull to Ten Sleep for 2 Sleeps

Miles:  55

MEPS: 527

Ride time: 4 hr 15 min

High temp of the day: 103.6 degrees

Word of the Day: Exposed


After the first 8 miles, there were no services.   180 degree views of plains for miles upon rolling miles.  Temperatures climbing from 68 degrees at departure to  a broiling 103.6 degrees at noon.  Hot. Open. EXPOSED.


We were determined to get an early start knowing how the temps will rise as the day grows longer.  After a quicker camp breakdown (we are getting more efficient) and a breakfast of canned peaches, bananas, and granola, we hit the road at 7:20am. 


Today’s route took us over rolling hills while gaining elevation.  We started at 3800 ft and would end the day at 4200 ft.  The day can be summed up with miles and miles of big, open, exposed expanses of dry sagebrush rolling plains with short and sparse punctuations of irrigated green farms and trees as we criss-crossed the No Wood River.  


There were times today where I worried about too much sun exposure as our energy flagged and broke out in heat rash on my arms and legs.  Thankfully, Doug had purchased 2 bottles of Gatorade that supplemented our water supply.  


In addition to short stops to snack (apples, energy bars), we made a longer stop at 33.5 miles when we spotted some shade - we NEEDED the shade.  Doug threw down the tarp, we made PB & J sandwiches, and then promptly napped for 30 minutes. 

When we went back to the bikes, my bike cyclometer said it was 123 degrees - but it had been broiling in the sun.  When I read it again after we got moving, it had settled in at 103 +.  THAT is HOT.  Too hot to ride, but we did it anyway.


The last 15 miles were a bit of a struggle - tired legs (this is day 6 of riding), too hot.  I had to force myself to enjoy the beauty of the ride instead of thinking of my discomfort - and big and beautiful it was.


We were very happy to get to cute 2-block downtown of Ten Sleep and promptly went to find something cold to drink - a “coke slushee” did the trick.  


We are now here for a much needed rest day and no cycling while camping next to the “horse hotel” at Ten Broeck RV and Horse Camp.  It is 5:30 pm and has cooled to 84 degrees....




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