RIDE C2C L2 DAY 7 Rest Day in Ten Sleep, WY

Aug 05, 2019

RIDE C2C DAY 7 Rest day in Ten Sleep

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Word of the Day:  Relax & Recover

Ahhh, a rest day.  Slept in until 6:30am (woo!) and had a leisurely morning, walking the 2 blocks to the grocery store to buy eggs for breakfast.

as we were making/eating breakfast, had a wonderful chat with two guys riding their motorcycles from Orange County, CA to Sturgis for the big gathering there.  They had been friends for more than 40 years and riding together for that long with many adventures.

They were unlike the 30-some motorcyclists who pulled in and made camp next to us with loud “cowboy” music and partying until late (ugh).

Today we chilled.  Read books, and made a plan to meet up with Tyler Budwey (our new Fitness Director at BTTC) on his cross-country move from Massachusetts to Bellingham.  Our paths happened to cross right here in Ten Sleep - we had a fun visit with him and his friend Michelle and grabbed lunch at the Sleepy Coyote.

The grocery store is closed on Sunday. There are precisely two restaurants in Ten Sleep, one is closed on Monday.  So the “Sleepy Coyote” saw a lot of us - delicious salads (a surprise out here in Wyoming) and burgers.  They only opened 5 weeks ago and we hope they flourish.

We read.  We napped. We went to the museum and chatted with Hootie - who told us about how both she and her husband worked for GM and now the plant is completely vanished. It seemed to be a loss of history and all that work for her.  She WAS a hoot - fun conversation. 


We chatted with a group of guys who were training on road bikes by riding mountain passes so they’d be fit for their trip in the fall to the Pyrenees. We watched a thunderhead roll in and the winds got fierce - thankfully the thunder and lightening was just far enough away to watch and enjoy.


It was a great day relaxing and slowing the pace of life.  Taking time to chat with others about what brought them to Ten Sleep.  


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