Who wants to make their knees stronger and reduce pain?

Oct 30, 2019

Want to make your knees stronger? 

I DO!  I'm now 3 weeks away from my right total knee replacement surgery and am focused on becoming as strong as possible prior to the surgery.  This definitely helps with recovery.  Even if you are not headed for surgery (and I hope you are not!), strengthening your knees - which means strengthening your legs - may help reduce pain, improve posture, and help you feel in control again.

Having strong knees is NOT  "just" about the knee, but about all the muscles that support and interact with the knee.

What happens with your foot, affects your knee!

What happens with your hip affects your knee! and conversely, what happens with your knees affect your feet and hips.

Remember that old song "dem bones"? 

           ...heel bone connected to your ankle bone..

             ankle bone connected to your leg bone..

            leg bone connected to your knee bone.. thigh bone..hip bone...back bone

That's called the kinetic chain - and each part of your body is reliant on its surrounding parts for smooth function.  There are two main things you want for your knee strength..


You'll want to work ALL of these muscle groups to make your knees stronger and more stable.

  1. Mobility
    1. Non-weight bearing range of motion = ride a bike (the right way!  Check out Healthy Knees Cycling)
  2. Stability & Strength
    1. (B) Knee Extension = Quadriceps (Front of Thigh)
    2. (E) Knee Flexion = Hamstrings, (Back of thigh)
    3. (A) Hip Extension = Gluteus Maximus (big butt muscle)
    4. (F) Hip Flexion = Primarily Illacus, Psoas (front hip)
    5. (WHITE STRIPE IN CENTER) Leg stability (Abduction) = (side butt muscles) Gluteus minimus, Gluteus medius, plus Tensor Fasciae Latae (part of the IlioTibial band)
    6. (not shown) Leg stablility (Adduction - also helps with hip flexion) = Adductor brevis, adductor longus, gracilis (inner thigh muscles - also help with hip flexion)
    7. Lower Leg muscles - primarily control ankle/foot action, orginate at knee joint
      1. (D) Front of lower leg - dorsi-flex or lift front of foot
      2. (C) Back of lower leg (calf muscles) - heel lift
    8. Foot stability - engage the foot muscles

Over the next 3 weeks, I'll show you specific exercises with videos that will help you get started on these knee strengthening exercises.  Stay tuned!


Robin Robertson
Founder: Healthy Knees Coach
Author: Healthy Knees Cycling
Owner/Manager:  Bellingham Training & Tennis Club


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To your Healthy and Happy Knees