8/18 Notes for Next Year: What to bring, what to leave behind

Aug 18, 2019


8/18 Glad I had, next time don’t bring...


Glad I had -

D - loose gym shorts

R - long sleeve light wool shirt

D - Fuel can base (so stove doesn’t tip over)

R - many hair bands (lost them along the way)

D - Compass

D - Set of cooking pots are perfect

R - bought glove liners and beanies 

R - SPF 50 sunscreen

R - VDO cyclocomputer with %grade

R&D - Pillows!

R - Vietnamese hand stitched bag to carry iPad & soft wallet/phone

R - iPad, charger cord bag, 3 iPhone charge cords, 4 port usb charger

R - Glasses:  cheaters, bi-focal sunglasses, regular bike sunglasses

R&D -Bright lightweight raincoats

R - capri tights for under nun much

R - 2 pair socks (1 lightweight wool)



D - better tail lights (they are covered by bags/tent)

R- Plastic coffee filter holder instead of metal one

D - Swap out the BTTC coffee mugs for Mt Rainier & Mt Rushmore

D - Better tire pump (?)

R - only short finger gloves, bring liners to wear over top

R - shorts that can be swim shorts + lightweight tank top to wear over sports bra for swimming (leave home tank and bathing suit bottoms)

R - new helmet that doesn’t squish my forehead

R - Phone leash with retractable cord (?)

R - ? Cover sheet for air mattress + lightweight quilt instead of sleeping bags?

D - Bag Balm!

R - Darker sunglasses for riding?

D - longer rope for drying clothes 

R- 2 small tubes toothpaste, 2 Small containers shampoo so we can shower/clean up at the same time in campgrounds.


Could have done without

D- Dish cloth

D - 2nd bottle camp suds

R - Only one pair of skivvies needed

D - water bladder (load up on gatorades instead)

R - could do without flip flops - but was nice luxury

D - DEET (bought spray bug spray instead - easier)

D - Cutting board (only used 1 time)

R - leave solar panel (? - Didn’t seem to charge well) just  bring battery pack and charge cord

R - mailed home prescription sunglasses

R&D - mailed home arm warmers

D - bad strawberry jelly

D - no mini-horn.  Too hot, too awkward.



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