Episode #31 Custom VS Off the Shelf Total Knee Replacement - Part 1 Interview with Dr. Thorpe

Aug 04, 2022


In Part 1, Custom VS Off the Shelf Total Knee Replacement, I share my conversation with Dr. Thorpe, a respected orthopedic surgeon and friend, about the parts of a knee replacement and the difference - from a surgeon's standpoint - of a custom knee VS an "off-the-shelf" knee.  Watch it now: https://youtu.be/Tfxz5UL4YLc  If you are like me, you really want to understand the knee parts and how they will work for you. We talk about the 4 parts of the knee replacement,  cement vs cementless procedures how heavy the replacement is the different manufacturers of knee parts "minimally invasive" incisions and surgery style (and what that really means)  TimeCodes: 00:00 - Intro 02:58 - The 4 Parts of a Total Knee Replacement 04:03 - Cement vs Cementless 07:11 - the risk of Titanium 07:42 - How much does a knee replacement weight? 08:31 - Custom VS Off the Shelf Brands 10:25 - Nickel allergy - should you worry? 11:55 - Off the shelf knees - how the size is selected 14:24 - Incision Style “minimally” invasive?   Next week, in Part 2, we will cover Types of anesthetic More on Custom VS Off-the-shelf Long term results Robotics Advice on choosing your surgeon Partial knee vs full knee What the "knocking" in your joint means and Advice about knee replacement brands.  Healthy Knees For You- Where we share the secrets, steps, and savvy for you reduce - or eliminate- your knee pain so you can live life to the fullest! New videos posted every week on Thursdays! See you next week! ~Robin P.S. I have 3 great ways to help you even more with your knees... #1 Get the Books: https://www.healthykneescoach.com/Shop Healthy Knees Total Knee Replacement - How to prepare for knee surgery and recover so you get the most out of your new knee Healthy Knees Strength - Get stronger using the 4 Point method to reduce pain, stabilize your knees, and move with confidence. Healthy Knees Cycling - The no-impact plan to reduce joint pain, improve strength, and help you live an active lifestyle. #2 Join Healthy Knees Formula https://www.healthykneescoach.com/hk-formula The Healthy Knees Formula is a 16-week program to soothe, stabilize, and strengthen your knees so you can get back to the things that you love. In this gently progressive program, you’ll follow a plan with weekly videos that show you exactly what to do with exercises, motivation, and how to build on your success. #3 Sign up for my weekly “Healthy Knees News” https://www.healthykneescoach.com/Healthy-Knees-News-signup so you don’t miss out on the simple things you can do to help your knees feel better.


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