C2C Leg#3 Day 14 Stanton REST DAY!

Jul 09, 2021

July 10, 2021

Day 14: Stanton KOA
Miles: 6 round trip to Meramec Caverns
Total Miles: 666.5

After the crazy storm last night, we slept in. When I opened my eyes, something was amiss.  My right eye was swollen from an itchy bug bite from last night. It actually got much worse than this, but that’s too scary to show.

Oh well. Then made coffee and had instant oatmeal for breakfast.

We made a quick ride (6 miles round trip with the seemingly mandatory 10% grade hill) to the Meramec Caverns -

over 4 miles of caves and also the hideout of notorious Jesse James’ gang.

Beautiful formations, thousands of years in the making. The colors are from the lighting.

 This was called the theater (and they showed a very patriotic video too). God Bless America.

After our tour, we did a lot of hanging out, chatting with neighbor campers “Florida is a right to work state.  You have the right to work to be poor”  or “I just want to be able to go out my back door with my pants around my ankles and shoot my gun.” (I am not making this up).

On the flip side, Camp host Barb stopped by to chat with us about escaping the rat race in Chicago to own a campground and enjoying the variety of people they meet. She emphasized how important it is to be open minded and learn by experience - not what you assume about other people and other places.

We spent the afternoon journaling, reading, and are getting ready for our bbq ribs dinner made by our camp host Dan.  It was DELICIOUS!


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