C2C Leg#3 Day 18: Cape Girardeau Rest Day

Jul 13, 2021


Day 18: Cape Girardeau REST DAY!

Miles: 0
Total Miles: 832

A day off of our bikes is exactly what we both need. We’ve got a few saddle soars and Doug has a stye in his eye and his eye irritated and eyelid swollen.  

Our only plan today is to do laundry (the hotel has a washer and dryer), see the Cape Girardeau Historical Museum, get groceries, and I have a massage scheduled at 2:30.  Hooo boy, busy day.

A mural across from our hotel...

After sleeping in, we had breakfast and coffee at the “Ground About” - we realized it was the 1st time we’d been in a coffee shop for 3 weeks.  Breakfast bowl of potatoes, scrambled eggs, roasted peppers, ground sausage, topped with cheese queso sauce... a beautiful symphony of flavors.  That and and endless cup of coffee was a perfect start to our rest day.  

Along our walk we saw this house with a cannon in the front yard.  What, don’t you have one?

We walked to the museum to find it was closed.  That seems to be our theme - so many of the facilities we’ve tried to visit are only open on the weekends.  Drat.

The “Save A Lot” grocery store was nearby but not well stocked so we could only get a few things.  

Just waiting...

We had lunch at Katy O’Ferrell’s Publik House - fun Irish pub with delicious Guinness Stew and a big salad.  

Doug went off to practice his mini-horn at a music store and I headed off to my massage at Eden.  I was so excited to have my leg muscles worked on...and it was a fine massage, but she ran out of time before massaging my quads!  That was quite disappointing.

A house along the walk from my massage...

In the afternoon we caught up with journaling and making reservations for the next week of our trip.

We topped off the day at the top of the Marquette Tower with dinner & drinks on the outdoor deck while watching a tug push barges up the river

and enjoying the sunset over the downtown and Mississippi River.


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