C2C L2 Day 0.5 - Missoula MT to Jackson, WY

Jul 29, 2019

Last night, arrived with an + hour time change at 10:45pm to "the Campus Inn" in Missoula, Montana.  Had to get out for a bit of a walk and, after a nightcap at "the Press Box", had a little walk about at the campus of U of Montana.  

Our continental breakfast at Campus Inn offered NO gluten free choices (this could be a challenge for me this trip) and so we went in search of decent coffee and breakfast. Starbucks....yes, we have been assimilated.

On the road!  We whiled away the hours of driving listening to Dickens' "a Tale of Two Cities".  What writing!  What lyrical prose!

We arrived in Teton Village after too many hours of driving at about 3pm.  It was rainy, cold ish, but we had a good lunch and a walk around.  We decided to skip the gondola (cold and rain) and headed thru Jackson for Our cabin at Moose, wy.

we dropped our gear, drove back to the airport, then ACTUALLY started our journey!

a 5 mile ride back to our cabin- with a the Tetons as our companion on our left. Is has rained on and off so we are thankful for the roof over our heads.

steak dinner, bottle of merlot. A view to love.




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