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Doctors often say to "ride a bike" for knee pain, but they don't tell you how.  Now you can learn the secrets that will save your knees and help you reduce knee pain, get stronger and feel free!


It's time to stop your knee pain and start living life again.

Healthy Knees Cycling Book: The fun, no-impact way to reduce knee pain, improve strength, and gain confidence to live an active life.

Are you afraid of the stairs?

Do you look at it as an obstacle? Are you afraid of hurting your knees when you exercise? When you are weak or do the wrong activities you might cause more damage and create more pain. You need to stop this pain spiral now.

Hi, I'm Robin Robertson

I wrote Healthy Knees Cycling to help YOU go straight to the solutions on how to get stronger, gain confidence in your knees, and reduce (or eliminate!) your pain. I've helped thousands of people feel great and enjoy life through cycling and strength training.

 It is simple to get started!

  1. Buy the Book
  2. Use any stationary bike to get started (at home or at your fitness club)
  3. Follow the strength and cycling workouts to start feeling better

When riding twice per week, most people say they start to notice pain reduction within two weeks. 

Buy the Book

"Robin Robertson's expertise in proper cycling techniques and equipment is wonderfully shared in her new book, which is an absolute MUST HAVE for anyone really dedicated to their health or rehabilitation of their hips and knees!!"

Michael A. Thorpe, MD

"I had cut way back on bike riding due to my gimpy knees, but Robin's book got me back on and doing great! Going uphill was difficult, but her trick of standing up while pedaling uphill allows me to position my knees for maximum force at the perfect angle."

James Tierney
Amazon Customer

The Beginning

My doctor inspired me to write Healthy Knees Cycling when he said "if it wasn't for riding a bike, you would have had your knee replaced more than a decade ago".

I understand knee pain - I've lived with it all my life. You see, I was born with a rare condition and I've had over 10 knee surgeries, yet even with these challenges, I figured out how to stay healthy and active and I want to help YOU get there too. In the book, I'm giving you all the secrets, techniques, and knowledge I gained with tried and true methods which helped me put off a knee replacement surgery for over 30 years while still enjoying life! Isn't it time to stop your knee pain and start living life again?


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