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Tired of Living with Knee Pain? Are you Afraid of Making it Even Worse?

Healthy Knees Coach shows you the proven low-impact, natural way to reduce pain and improve your knee strength and stability so that you can start living life again. 

No Drugs - No Injections - No Surgery

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Doing the wrong activities can lead to more knee pain - which makes you want to give up.

We know that living with knee pain can limit what you can do and want to do in life. It shouldn't be that way. Healthy Knees Coach has created the solution that has helped thousands find knee pain relief and return to the activities they love.

Ready to get started and start feeling great?

We have 3 ways to help!

Get the Book

Healthy Knees Cycling Book -  learn the right way set up your bike and use cycling to improve strength and reduce pain with the ultimate guide to train on your own. 

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Join a Program

Healthy Knees Formula - register for the 8-Week Guided Program & work with a Healthy Knees Coach to start feeling less pain, more energy, and build confidence.

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Become A Coach

Healthy Knees Coach - Frustrated with how to help clients suffering from knee pain?  Get Healthy Knees certified and learn the secrets to the right exercizes at the right time.

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Meet Robin.

Committed to helping people defeat pain, get fit, and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Healthy Knees Coach Founder, Robin Robertson, knows all about knee pain. She was born with a rare congenital condition which ultimately resulted in a lifetime of challenges with her knees and more than 10 knee surgeries. Yet, she found the secret to staying healthy and active to help herself and poured this knowledge into helping thousands of others, and can help you too! She created three programs to help you reduce or eliminate your knee pain: Healthy Knees Formula, Healthy Knees Cycling Book, and Healthy Knees Coach.

Get Started!

Healthy Knees Cycling Founder Robin Robertson


Healthy Knees Starter Kit 

We want you to start feeling better right away - so we put together the essentials for a quick start.

"Healthy Knees Starter Kit" includes:

  • 8 Essential Strength Moves
  • 7 Strong Core Moves
  • 6 Cycling Starter Workouts
  • 5 Essential Stretches to relieve pain
  • 4 Balance Moves to improve stability
  • 3 BONUS Surprise Videos
  • + Bike Set up Cheat Sheet

With this Healthy Knees Starter Kit, we'll automatically enroll you in our Healthy Knees News so you can stay up to date with exercises, tips, and information on all that is Healthy Knees.


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